The Idaho School District Council has completed its forty-sixth year of operation as a cooperative service agency, serving Idaho school districts and affiliate organizations.  The following report is provided to the membership and is being made available on the ISDC website for the review by the membership and the general public.


The staff of the ISDC remained the same as in the previous year.  Tim Rosandick served his second year as the part-time ISDC Executive Director, and Debbie Fausett completed her fourteenth year as the ISDC Office Manager.  Dr. Geoffrey Thomas, Madison School District #321 (Idaho School Superintendents Association representative), served as the Chairman of the Board for the 2017-2018 term.


Throughout the course of the year, there were many opportunities to review the various services of the Council’s operation.  The Council maintained its effort of providing to membership quality supplies, good service, and low prices. Business relationships with a variety of vendors were maintained.


The Council had a visible presence as an exhibitor at the Idaho Association of School Administrators’ Annual Meeting, Idaho Association of School Business Officials, and the Idaho School Boards’ Association.  Through exposure at these kinds of events, the role and mission of the Council has been reinforced.


The partnerships and endorsements with Blue Cross of Idaho, Willamette Dental of Idaho, Standard Life Insurance, People Systems, Optimizon, and Business Psychology Associates have continued.


At the Council Board’s direction, the staff continued to explore new business partnerships.  One such partnership created was with Compliance Services Association (CSA), an Idaho-based, professional services firm that provides special education support, including support Medicaid billing.   In cooperation with CSA, the Council has negotiated for its members enhanced and discounted services.  In addition to this new benefit offering, the Council organized with two new partners–The Track Doctor and Cascade Fence Company–discounted services related to all-weather track and tennis court maintenance and repair.


The Council-created, Idaho School District Self-Funded Benefit Trust (now known as Idaho Schools Benefit Trust), began administering to the health and dental needs of the active employees of Council members during the 2015-16 plan year. The Trust is on solid financial ground, with reserves that are growing. 


Replacement Trust Board members have been appointed by the Council.  Three new Trust board members have been appointed by the Council to begin their terms of service beginning September 1, 2018.  They are:  Mike Friend (replacing Jerry Evans), Gaylen Smyer (replacing Jim Cobble), and Chuck Kinsey (replacing Jim Reed).  The Council also provided administrative support to the Trust primarily Debbie Hankie’s role as Benefit Manager.  Debbie has served a liaison role between the Council and the Trust.  Council Executive Director Rosandick attended several Trust meetings this past year.


The Idaho School District Council Board of Directors retains its role in the administration of the “over 65” health insurance offerings, the Dental Blue Connect offering (Willamette Dental), life, and other non-medical programs and offerings.


The membership of the ISDC for the 2017-2018 school year totaled 147 members representing school districts, charter schools and affiliates.


There were 125 members enrolled in one or more portions of the Statewide Schools Health Insurance Program.  Sixty-five members offered the Willamette Dental option, also known as Dental Blue Connect to their employees.


The unemployment claims monitoring program had twenty participants.


Employee assistance programs, offered through Business Psychology Associates and endorsed by both the Council and Blue Cross of Idaho, were offered in twenty-six districts.


Standards Life Insurance, a long-time ISDC endorsee, was offered as a benefit in forty-three districts.


This report was prepared by Tim Rosandick, Executive Director and presented to the Board of Directors on August 2, 2018.