The minutes presented below are in drafted form and have not been officially approved by the Board.


Call to Order: Chairman Geoffrey Thomas called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, August 2, 2018.


Members Present: Geoffrey Thomas, Marvin Hansen, Wil Overgaard, Dale Layne, Bryan Jolley, Christi Castro, Bob Ranells and Robin Stanley


Staff Present:   Tim Rosandick, Debbie Fausett and Debbie Hainke


Guest Present:          

                       Jennifer Falting, Pauline Paxton, Adrienne Ries, 

                     Hannah Recla, Mel Walker, 

                     Chris Hayes, Mike Blackburn, Jason Kolbo 


Consent Agenda Items: Moved—Marvin Hansen; second, Wil Overgaard to approve the consent agenda items including 1) Board minutes of the March 19, 2018 2) expenditures through June 2018, and 3) budget report through June 2018. Motion carried. 


Corporate Partner/Service Provider Updates: 


Compliance Service Association: Chris Hayes introduced Jason Kolbo, Program Specialist who presented a report on school based Medicaid showing 14 members are now contracted under ISDC rate, and 13 members are in the contracting process. 


Optimizon: Hannah Recla gave a current update on the new Optimizon Copier program, showing eight members participating in the copier program to date with 3 members pending to participate. (Attachments)


Staff Reports:


Tim reminded the Board that the Administrative Fee, an endorsement previously established for the Statewide Schools Insurance program through Blue Cross of Idaho and paid the Council by BCI will be discontinued effective September 2018. Tim and Marvin Hansen will meet and negotiate with the Trust an endorsement fee to ISDC to replace the discontinued monies effective for the 2018-2019 and beyond. 


Old Business:

Upon a motion made by Bryan Jolley and seconded by Dale Layne, all members voted in favor of ratifying the appointment of Mike Friend, Galen Smyer and Chuck Kinsey to the Idaho School Benefit Trust effective September 1, 2018.


New Business:


Consider and Approve 2019 SWS Over 65 Health Insurance Program Rates: Adrienne Ries presented the rates increases for the SWS Over 65 Health Insurance as follows:

            4.3% increase to Medical and Drug

            4.6% increase to Dental

            0 increase to Vision

Upon a motion made by Wil Overgaard and seconded by Bryan Jolley, all voted in favor of approving the proposed increases to the SWS Over 65 Health Insurance Program. (Attachments)


Next Meeting Date:  TBA


Adjournment 4:34 p.m.