These minutes are presented in draft form and have not been approved.


Call to Order: Chairman Geoffrey Thomas called the meeting to order at 12:06 p.m. Wednesday, February 7, 2018.


Members Present: Geoffrey Thomas, Marvin Hansen, Wil Overgaard, Dale Layne, Bryan Jolley, and Woody Woodford


Members Absent: Christie Castro and Robin Stanley


Staff Present:   Tim Rosandick, Debbie Fausett and Debbie Hainke


Guest Present:          

Stephanie Killebrew Wright, Blue Cross

Randy Cline, Willamette Dental

                               Tina Taylor, BPA

                               Hannah Recla, Mel Walker, Optimizon

                               Jerry Evans, ISDC Self-Funded Benefit Trust

                       Chris Hayes, Celeste Blackburn, Mike Blackburn, Compliance Services Association



Consent Agenda Items: Moved—Wil Overgaard; second, Marvin Hansen to approve the consent agenda items including 1) Board minutes of the October 5, 2017 2) expenditures through December 2017, and 3) budget report through December 2017. Motion carried.


Corporate Partner/Service Provider Updates: 


Willamette Dental: Randy Cline informed the Board that the approximate patient base in 2016 was 6,000 and in 2017 it rose to approximately 7,200. He, also, told the Board that Provider Profiles were now available to patients on the Willamette Dental website as the company has moved to full transparency.  


BPA Health: Tina Taylor delivered the EAP Utilization showing 3.3% annualized utilization rate.  Tina said that BPA’s focus on communication and education is important to mental health. Also she reported that the company is growing and hiring new employees to meet the need of that growth.             


Standard Life: None


Blue Cross of Idaho: Stephanie Killebrew Wright reported on the Income and Incurred Claims for the SWS Over-65 Retiree Program from contract year September 2017 through December 2017 which shows an 68.9% loss ratio.  


Further, Stephanie presented the Board with a packet of information for the Statewide School Retiree Program which included the benefit options available to retirees in their areas. 


Optimizon: Hannah Recla gave an update on the new Optimizon Copier program which began in August, there have been 4 school district participants to date with another 2 pending.  Optimizon has been marketing the program by attending regional meetings, telephone calls and emails. 



Staff Reports:  None



Unfinished Business:  None


Endorsement and Marketing Agreement with Compliance Service Association: Upon a motion made by Marvin Hansen and seconded by Dale Layne, all voted in favor of approving the endorsement and marketing agreement with Compliance Service Association as presented. Motion carried. 



New Business:


Process for Filling Trust Board Vacancies: While the ISDC Board will wait to hear the Trustees’ decision regarding the filling of the Trust board vacancies, it was concluded that the ISDC would like see a nominating committee with representation from both the ISDC and Trust, and that the final selection would be made by the ISDC. Bryan Jolley and Dale Layne were appointed as ISDC representatives to the proposed nominating committee.



Executive Session 67-2345(a):  None


Next Meeting Date:  Monday, March 19, 2018


Adjournment 2:30 p.m.